Club House

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Our Clubhouse

The fee is $150 (+$100 Security Deposit) for Cambridge Grove residents, and there is a security deposit required. Our clubhouse has been upgraded in the last few years, so it is a great venue for any event – birthdays, reunions, sporting events, baby showers, etc. The clubhouse offers restrooms, refrigerator/freezer, WiFi, television, many folding tables and chairs, large countertops, and more!

Clubhouse Rental Form needs to emailed to


Recently installed playground includes swings, slides, money bars and a bench for parents. There is close by parking as well.

Sand Volleyball Court

The poles were surrounded by hundreds of pounds of concrete to ensure sturdiness. Please respect this investment by NOT sitting or leaning on the nets. You will need to absorb the cost of replacement if you are found to have damaged the nets or poles.

Paved Tennis Courts

Please be considerate with the fencing around the tennis courts. Also, please do not sit or lean on the nets. Please let us know if you see that the tennis courts need maintenance. If you need the code to the tennis courts, please email with your home address and pool pass card number:

Above facilities are only for Homeowners. Please do not trespass.