Architectural Project Support

Property Enhancement Request

Please use the following guideline when planning to do any of the following upgrades/modifications to your home or property. It is important to follow these guidelines to insure you are in compliance with Cambridge Groves covenants and local ordinances.

Common Examples:

  • Fencing – all requests must include the Arch Form found here: See HOA Related Documents tab.

  • Utility Buildings - all requests must include the Utility Building Supplement found here:See HOA related Documents tab

  • Major Landscaping – Excludes planting or removing flowers, bushes and trees.

  • Playground Equipment – Permanent installations only

Other Examples:

  • Deck

  • Covered Porch

  • Patio

  • Pool

  • Garage

  • Home Addition

  • Exterior Color Change

  • Roofing

If you are unsure if you project requires prior review and approval please contact the HOA Board at