Cambridge Grove - Welcome Home

Neighborhood Watch

Many Cambridge Grove residents chose this community as the place to raise their families because of the feeling of safety and security the Huntersville community affords. But with the 350% growth in population over the last 25 years, Huntersville is no longer the peaceful bedroom community to Charlotte but instead is a bustling, thriving suburb. And although most of us still feel extremely safe in our homes and in the community, a strong Neighborhood Watch program is essential to protecting the value of our community and the safety and security of our residents.


For the last several years, the Homeowner's Association Board has been working to reestablish a strong Neighborhood Watch.  They sought to establish Block Captains throughout the neighborhood and elicited the Huntersville Police Department to present to the community.  The current Board is eager to take up where the former Board left off, identifying Block Captains and putting into place an unobtrusive program that will ensure our residents peace of mind for years to come.

Please be on the lookout for more information on our Neighborhood Watch program in the coming months and, please, step up for your community and help us keep Cambridge Grove safe and one the best places to live in he Carolinas.  Being a Block Captain requires very little work beyond the collection of information and provides a valuable service for your neighbors and the community.

What does a “Block Captain” do?

As a Block Captain, you are responsible for the following:

1. Collect emails/phone numbers for the residents on your block. Compile a list and send it out to your block residents.

2. Communicate with your block as needed about anything suspicious, vacation reminders, etc.  You will also receive communication from the community block captain to pass down to the people on your block.