Cambridge Grove - Welcome Home

Homeowner's Association Meetings

Like most other homeowner's associations, the Cambridge Grove Homeowner's Association holds numerous meetings throughout the year. During these meetings, members of the Board discuss various community matters and conduct routine community business as directed by the Bylaws and Covenants.

In addition to routine monthly meetings, the Board holds open annual meetings affording every homeowner the right to ask questions, offer suggestions, discuss community issues, vote on new amendments, and elect Board members. This transparent process ensures that each homeowner has a voice in their community and the opportunity to ensure that Cambridge Grove continues to be one of the areas most coveted places to live.

The two types of open meetings conducted by the Board are:

Open Forums

Open Forums afford every homeowner the opportunity to learn about current community events and issues, current operating directives of the Board, and to ask questions and offer suggestions on the community.

Annual Meetings

Annual Meetings give the Board the forum to present the annual budget and operating results to date, address community concerns, and address homeowner questions and concern.